The hallway is one of the essential elements from all the rooms in our homes. They seem like a ‘bridge’ that connects the entrance of the home with its interior and brings the ‘outside world’ to the inside. Besides – the hallway is the first part of the home that your guests would see, so it needs to be a visually representable corner that would introduce them to your personality and your way of life.



So, the intriguing question is: How do you make an excellent first impression with the help and the power of the hallway runners as a décor?


For starters, you need to know the dimensions of your hallway. It is the very first step in the decision-making process because it would eliminate all the incompatible rug sizes that wouldn’t fit in your entryway.

Materials And Styles

It’s easier to start visualizing the perfect hallway runner when all the measurements are already familiar to you. This step depends on you. The final choice is all about your personal preferences, so you have to do a lot of thinking to solve all of your dilemmas.

The most common ones are:



If you already have those questions answered in your head, then you’re on an excellent way to discover the most suitable hallway runner for your hallway space.

Paint It In

The available palette of colors is as broad as the world, and you would have loads and loads of color tones to review before you end up with the hallway runner that would represent your perfect match.

Indeed, there are various colored hallway runners:


  • Classic ones that come in one standard color



  • Or multicolored (two, three, groups of four or more colors mixed and adequately matched together).



If you prefer minimalistic yet a modern style, then pick a classic, single-colored rug. Try to avoid the dullness and choose more radiant and vibrant colors for the hallway rug.

Vivid colors give life to the place, and you’ll be excited how fresh and original would your new hallway look! Of course, your final decision about the color(s) of the rug should be related to the existing situation in your space. Think about the colors you have already used in your furniture or details there, and you’ll get the right answer in a New York minute.

Mixing & Matching All The Patterns

The pattern is that one key-detail that can change the character of the place in seconds. There are millions of designs that you can choose from, especially if your area is decorated with neutrals or with similar tones that need a small accent as a final, finishing touch.

The final choice is yours – choose between all kinds of stripes, florals, geometric, Aztec, traditional, art deco. You just need to have a vision for the final look of the place, and the rug sample will come to your mind sooner or later.



In the end, always remember that the most important thing for you is to feel comfortable while you enter your home and put your coat on the hanger in your perfectly decorated hallway.